Practice Management

Quick claim Recoupment and detailed client records are vital for the success of any beginning or established practice. We provide professional administrative services for independent practices and providers. Services include electronic claim submissions with client scheduling including automated appointment reminders, digital intake documentation, weekly accounting reports showing the contracted compensation for every session, including Co-pays, Cash Pays, No Shows and Cancellations with weekly totals and referral ratios for insurance tracking. Administrative services offer support in areas of medicaid authorization submissions, CAQH registration and maintenance or credentialing. Our consultant package will help you locate any potential conflicts in your practice workflow to help you maximize your profits by offering customized solutions with our Practice Diagnostic. Call today to discuss how we can help you build your tele-mental health services and client roster.

Practice Manager

We handle all administrative tasks, including licensing, credentialing and other practice essentials.


Medical Billing 

Electronic claim submission combined with appointment scheduling, digital intake documentation, eligibility and weekly accounting reports.



Grow your practice as a tele-mental health provider, certification and courses available


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Client Scheduling

Insurance Credentialing

Accounting Reports

Claim Submissions

Digital Intake Documentation

Telemental Health Credentialing

Eligibility Verification

CAQH Registration

& Maintenance

Medicaid Credentialing

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